S2 Inspection Instrument

The LPT-S2 is a handheld non-destructive video imaging instrument engineered to LPT-S2_Housingpenetrate coating systems.

In order to resolve an image of the sub-coating surface, photons must travel through the paint layers and reach the surface of the metal or composite. These photons must then return back through the paint to transmit surface information to a detector. The LPT-S2 is designed to generate and detect photons at wavelength bands transparent to many MIL-SPEC and commercial paint systems.

 Defects and corrosion tend to be more prevalent in constrained areas where moisture can collect, and at joining regions such as adhesive lips and rivets. With this in mind, a key criteria for LPT-S2 has been to design towards a miniaturized form factor with rugged construction. Battery power operation is essential to inspect assets without a tethered power supply cord.

The LPT-S2 provides imaging through coatings regardless of substrate, and thus operates on composite airframes, as well as resin-filled repairs and blind fasteners.

Instrument imaging (vs unaided eye inspection) also affords the ability to track trouble areas over time. LPT-S2 is driven by a powerful PC-based software program that provides image enhancement, data-basing, and customized metadata options.


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History of Development

This product started life as a Navy Phase 2.5 SBIR project (N68335-07-0283) to develop a handheld optical sensor for early detection of corrosion underneath paint specifically for the P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon airframe platforms, though excellent results have been obtained on a wide variety of military and commercial platforms and coatings.








LPT-S2 Spec and Data Sheets

LTP-S2 Spec Sheet

LTP-S2 Spec Sheet

LTP-S2 White Paper

LTP-S2 White Paper